It's a simple GUI tool to create/modify gamepad mappings for games that use SDL2 Game Controller API. Created to be an alternative to Steam Bigpicture gamepad configurator.




Windows (~25mb) OS X (~10mb) Linux (deb/zip/snap)

How To Use

  1. Connect the gameapad to a computer
  2. Launch the app. If you connected mupltiple gamepads select the one you want to use in a dropdown
  3. If the app displays that mapping is available go to step 5
  4. If mapping is not available or available but you would like to change it press Make New Mapping and follow the instructions. Go step 3
  5. There are two approches how to force games to pick new mapping. First is to set environmental variable, then all SDL2 games will pick new mapping automatically. To do this simply click Set Mapping As Environment Variable. Second approches is to find mappings database file in the game folder, usualy it's called gamecontrollerdb.txt and add mapping string to the end of the file

Games That Use SDL2 Game Controller Mappings


Version Date Changes for new SDL 2.0.6 mappings format. Compiled with SDL 2.0.7. Bug fixes SDL to 2.0.5; updated QT to 5.8 fixes option to set mapping as environmental variable SDL_GAMECONTROLLERCONFIG crashes with multiple gamepads; Fixed mapping string curuption; UI fixes release


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