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General Weekly #9 10.25.22

General Weekly #9 10.25.22

The game development industry brings something new all the time. General Arcade shows the most interesting releases, updates and news of the past week, which are recommended reading for both industry veterans and novice developers.


Open 3D Engine 22.10

The update introduces a new terrain system, Sky Atmosphere and Stars components, and UI improvements.

Adobe releases Substance 3D Modeler

The much anticipated new VR sculpting app.

There’s a nice video on the IGN channel about how the developers at Rocksteady Studios created one of the best gaming systems of all time.

Scripting hacks for working with the Unity editor to save you time, part 1

In the first article of the series, the author talked about tricks that can help improve working with assets in the editor.

Creating huge stone pillars in Blender, Unreal Engine and Substance 3D

Toivo Huhtaniska talked about working on the Pillars project, explained how he modeled extremely detailed mountains, and showed how rock and grass surfaces were created.

What is Path Tracing?

Nvidia’s blog explains the technology.

Tips for more immersive sound design

A few principles used in World of Mechs (by Studio369) that all developers and sound engineers can apply for better sonic immersion when building worlds.

A series of articles from AMD on working with FSR 2.1 in UE

During the recent plugin update for UE, 5 articles about FSR technology were also published.

Recreating Soul of Cinder from Dark Souls in ZBrush, UE5 and Sunstance 3D Painter

Davi Amancio Sousa shared the details of the project, explained why he decided to recreate the character as a real person, and talked about working with the face, hair, armor and weapons of the character.

Advertising as your asset: improving the gaming experience

In this article, you’ll learn about the main components of in-game ad design and how Unity worked with Pixel United to improve their EverMerge monetization strategy.

Creating fluffy stylized pine trees in Maya, ZBrush and Unreal

Victoria Zavgorodnyaya presented a new master class on creating stylized trees.

Behind the scenes NVIDIA Racer RTX

Gabriele Leone, creative director at NVIDIA, spoke about the NVIDIA Racer RTX tech demo, explained how cars and interiors were created, and discussed lighting setup.

Long-term career in design for non-leaders

In a GDC 2021 keynote, Cryptic Studios’ Brett Norton talks about the traditional “become a lead” career path, but then moves away from that form and offers some proven non-lead career paths.

How Monomi Park managed to create an indie sequel to Slime Rancher 2

Studio founder Nick Popovich talks about self-paced Unity and the importance of continuing a debut project that has sold six million copies.

How Legend Of Keepers Succeeded On PC

Johann Werbrucht shared the details. It sold 233,000 base game units and 142,000 DLC units, generating just over $3 million (after Steam commission).

Unreal Engine made it easy for New Tales from the Borderlands to switch to a new engine

The Unreal Engine team spoke with a game producer Frederic Scheubel about the change in design, the new, tougher look, and how the transition to Unreal Engine was relatively smooth and also helped keep the team healthy.

We thank Andrei Apanasik for writing the original post and allowing us to publish it on our blog in English.

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