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General Arcade

Video games engineering specialists

Who we are

General Arcade is a porting house and co-development studio based in Singapore and Malaysia. We’ve provided services for Larian, SEGA, Capcom, From Software, Devolver Digital, GOG, TinyBuild, The Indie Stone, and others. Founded in 2013, we are a team of 50 specialists.


  • Porting from any platform to any platform

    Porting from any platform to any platform

  • Co-development


  • Remastered/enhanced versions development

    Remastered/enhanced versions development

  • Performance optimization

    Performance optimization

  • Network implementation (including cross-play)

    Network implementation (including cross-play)

  • SDK/DRM integration

    SDK/DRM integration

  • Tools development

    Tools development

  • Reverse engineering

    Reverse engineering

  • Technical support and dev-ops

    Technical support and dev-ops

  • Consultations and code reviews

    Consultations and code reviews


What our clients say

Clients & Partners