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DEVsday #37

DEVsday #37

The game development industry brings something new all the time. General Arcade shows the most interesting releases, updates and news of the past week, which are recommended reading for both industry veterans and novice developers.

Unpleasant situation with Unity

The hottest news of this week. On September 12, without any warning, the company announced that it would now charge a certain amount per number of installations.

There have been layoffs at Sensor Tower. Among those fired are top managers

TechCrunch reports that more than 40 people have lost their jobs.

Godot launches funding initiative to fuel long-term growth

The development fund was launched in July and has already accepted many new and old sponsors, but the team needs to take funding to a new level to maintain the current pace of development, and increase it with new employees.

Procreate unveils new 2D animation app for iPad

A new animation application designed to create breathtaking hand-drawn animations and dynamic motion graphics.

Roblox introduced new AI tools

Assistant, simplified avatar creation and voice chat moderation.

Choosing Defold for creating games: the story of

CEO of Oleg Chumakov shared the history of his company and relations with Defold.

The influence of concept art on the character creation process

Character artist Jef Bernaers talks about his thesis written at the Breda University of Applied Sciences on the influence of concept art on character creation.

Behind The Last Case of Benedict Fox

The Plot Twist team talked about developing The Last Case of Benedict Fox, finding an art style for the game, and working on lighting in Unity.

Three inspiring stories of marketing success

The post showcases 3 games and 3 marketing campaigns that have achieved tremendous success in terms of wishlist and sales. The best part is that these are all games of small teams with a modest track record.

How to make a good 2D camera

Are you making a 2D game? Then you will need to work on the camera. But there’s more to it than just following the main character. The video gives five tips on how to make your camera better.

Mastering realism: how to create props and environments for AAA games

The Kevuru Games team returned to 80 Level to talk about the behind-the-scenes creation of environments and game props.

Trying to simulate the entire ocean

The video discusses ocean modeling and shading. Theory, mathematics and practical implementation are considered.

Product thinking: why does your team need it and is it worth developing?

We can all agree that great ideas come from great teams. What follows this belief is the misconception that all you have to do is build an amazing team and then just step aside and let them do what they do best.

How Fortnite designers created their own tools

In a keynote from Tools Summit 2023, the developers explain the benefits of their designer-focused methodology, and how anyone who can create user interfaces in Unreal has the skills to create powerful editing and asset management tools and eliminate inefficiencies in their own workflows.

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